Nidi has a new showroom

The new showroom entirely dedicated to Nidi has been inaugurated at the company headquarters in Pieve di Soligo: the display space was designed by art director Edoardo Gherardi and has been conceived as a true voyage of discovery of the collection, marrying descriptive completeness and stylistic splendor.

In the entrance, the visitor is welcomed into a meeting space in which one begins to breathe the Nidi atmosphere. A composition of wall-mounted LCD screens shows the videoclips produced by the company and leads to the next display area: the gallery is an open space defined by four pedestals which, like stages, assemble some offerings of the collection in novel monochromatic pairings.

The exploration of the collection continues into an open space on which open nine chambers, each of which contains a complete bedroom offering: a display method in which the use of color plays a fundamental role in defining the path and characterizing the different aesthetic and compositional approaches which define each of the displays.

Reserved for business partners and professionals, the new showroom represents a complete and comprehensive communications tool, a work in progress intended for a constant exploration of the possibilities of the Nidi collection.