The company was given its current name by its founder, Mr. Alfredo Battistella. The firm's history began in 1953, in Pieve di Soligo, in the province of Treviso, as the evolution of an artisan's workshop set up in 1930. Technological innovations were added to the traditional furniture manufacturing know-how of industries on this territory to define the structure of this company that quickly became a real industry and invested the profits of its first ten years of activity in research. The determination and lively business approach of the founder, Mr. Alfredo Battistella, distinguish the subsequent phase during which the company participated in the new-born "Salone del Mobile" furniture exhibition in Milan where it started to make a reputation for itself and prepare for the business challenges that determined its growth thereafter. In 1963, the Battistella brand was the first to launch a line of children's bedrooms in laminate on the Italian market. It also patented a curved, laminate-faced door. The positive feedbacks received allowed the company to continue its experiments and to start using PVC in its furniture which brought with it the success required to consolidate its position in the Italian industrial and furniture manufacturing sectors. In 1992 Battistella's management was handed down to the next generation, from the father Alfredo, to his son Mario who continued in his father's footsteps by leading his group towards the goals of the new millennium. Along this path, tradition was combined with new technologies, confirming a success formula that was perfect to face the most recent challenge met by Battistella, i.e. NIDI, a collection of children's bedrooms that combines play and design in the spaces dedicated to today's youngsters. An innovative approach that exploits all the experience and know-how of a long-standing brand such as Battistella.


Design, quality, technology and service are the mainstays of Battistella. These aspects talk about the company's history, written by real people and full of winning ideas, demanding projects and challenges that involve all those who have contributed to making the company a solid and dynamic concern for more than half a century. Ongoing investments in research, and product optimisation through the use of new production and computer-aided technologies, have always been of fundamental importance in the company's philosophy since its foundation, projecting it towards goals that constantly improve its results. The identity of the Battistella company is based on tangible values such as the extraordinary production capacity of a team of more than 200 people and a production plant covering over 80,000 m2 that has shaped the substance of creativity for 60 years. This company philosophy is capable of making the past, present and future communicate and of integrating traditional, handicraft, care over detail with the competitiveness of industrial production, with due regard to environmental protection because we are well aware that this will be the greatest challenge for future generations.


Technology is a key aspect for Battistella: it is at the basis of the company's history and of each phase of its evolution, as well as being an important tool for further progress and a direct consequence of the company's growth. Its ongoing engagement in research guarantees high production quality standards and allows the company to successfully reach its goals by improving both its production process and its services.

Research into new technolgoes, automated production lines capable of guaranteeing high quality and safety standards as well as administration management computer systems and tools - such as the 3D graphic design software - an aid for retailers and interior decorators that also allows the company to reduce its production times and, consequently, its costs. The whole production process is monitored by a team of designers and engineers. Moreover, our customers can also benefit from a bespoke furniture service in terms of custom-sizing and finishes at competitive prices. The high engineering standard of our modular systems together with the quality of the materials used guarantee the safety of each single element: from door opening and closing movements to correct weight distribution on the structure.

The fully automatic processing phases using next generation machinery are completed and enhanced by the almost handicraft expertise, that is the bottom line of our company's experience, of our production foremen. Our processing is a perfect combination of tradition and innovation.

Panel processing is central to our company's production process; out fame depends on the versatility of our panels that make up our modular furniture. The ecological panels used to make our furniture are not produced using wood from newly-felled trees. Only wood that has been regenerated by means of certified production processes that ensure low, Class E1, emissions of formaldehyde, in compliance with the safety and health regulations in force, are employed. Moreover, the raw materials, wood, nuts and bolts and hardware used are accurately chosen and managed by means of advanced technologies. The CAD-CAM system employed to transpose 3D drawings onto materials is an example of one of the innovative engineering tools used to guarantee high production standards. In fact, panel processing contributes to beautifying the Battistella panel with decorative details: the result is a versatile and functional product with excellent aesthetic qualities. The company's commitment towards its customers is to keep the entire production process under its control, i.e. cutting, pressing, drilling, assembly, packing and delivery, making sure that all these phases are performed exclusively within the production plant in Pieve di Soligo. This is how Battistella can guarantee its high quality standards and the absolute authenticity of its products.

Metal parts are fitted inside the bed and desk legs to give the Battistella furniture long-lasting sturdiness and resilience. The company uses specific and very innovative technologies to ensure supreme quality and durability of the materials employed to make the metal parts that constitute the structure of the larger and more complex children's bedroom furniture systems.

Raw materials have also been accurately selected for the new line of upholstered furnishing items created for the NIDI collection, that includes: mattresses, cushions, pillows, poufs, bed linen and carpets that make up a complete and innovative range of bedroom furnishings. Each fabric is made from the best natural or synthetic fibres to guarantee excellent functional and aesthetic qualities. For instance, we choose non-allergenic and anti-dust mite materials for our furnishings. The padding is diversified in compliance with differing requirements to guarantee the most comfortable solution for each item: for example, almost all the mattresses are made of latex foam, a material that not only guarantees utmost adaptability to the body's shape while cushioning its movements but also has an anti-bacterial and germicidal action because it is made of communicating micro-cells that ensure excellent ventilation inside its structure. Designed to be extremely soft and resistant, the removable covers of our poufs are made of polyurethane coated on the outside with a layer of synthetic material. Our assortment of bed linen is made entirely of cotton and linen; harmless, organic fibres that are dyed using only natural pigments.
For our collection of carpets, we rely on Indian carpet weavers, real experts in this sector. By combining design with handicraft expertise, a unique product is born: after having woven the wool or cotton by hand, the carpet is dyed using the traditional method that consists in two phases during which it is soaked in the dye, interrupted by a phase that leaves the carpet to dry out in the sunlight.

Using a fully automatic production system, the edges of the panels can be finished with more than 120 different colours and decors.Moreover, Battistella employs skilled cabinet makers for the processing and assembly phases of its furniture. This confirms one of the main strengths of its production process: the company's ability to integrate traditional, cabinet-making care over detail with automatic industrial production processes. Distinctive signs that are clearly visible from the extreme attention paid to detail and to construction techniques, utilising top-quality materials and components, hardware produced by reliable brands, rust-proof mechanical parts, tempered glass and scratch-resistant edges that reveal the essence of the company's precious know-how.

Supplying a customised product is one of Battistella's strengths, a goal that has been achieved thanks to investments made in optimising production by adopting a very efficient warehouse automation system. The company can deal with most of the orders that require customisation as if they were standard ones, also thanks to an automatic selecting system that reads the barcodes of the labels on each panel. This is why our plant can ensure better production and quality while reducing production times. This innovative system allows heads of product management to check the availability of materials from a distance while monitoring left-over stock in the warehouse. Our automated warehouse handles up to 5000 in-coming and out-going items every day.

Environment & Safety

Respect for the health of its customers and for the environment are fundamental aspects of the Battistella's company policy. Battistella also uses water-based lacquers and an Ecolabel-certified matt lacquering system. The firm adopts a company outlook that believes in the close link between quality and environmental friendliness and chooses to use production processes that reduce pollution, as well as materials that are as recyclable as possible. It employs the Ecological Panel system according to which the production process uses regenerated wood to protect the environment by preventing the felling of new trees. The company's green commitment is also confirmed by using non-toxic polyethylene for its plastic materials, non-allergenic and anti dust mite textiles for its mattresses and bed linen and a new recycled cardboard programme for its packaging. For as much as regards safety, Battistella subjects its furniture and complementary items to the strict tests carried out by the Italian CATAS qualified laboratories. Certifications that ensure quality and reliability: colour tests, compliance to the most important safety standards as well as test procedures for wear-resistance and to certify the mechanical and technological properties of materials. One of the company's strengths is its pursuit of quality in every aspect and detail of its products and this is supported by specific test procedures and by the consistent attention paid to the working conditions of its employees.